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Novecento - a sustainable Bed and Breakfast in Trapani


In Trapani, the Western point of Sicily, lies an oasis of sustainable tourism. We like animals and dogs particularly, bicycles, nature, local products, traditions and culture. We believe that it's impossible to live without looking for peace, loving the environment, respecting diversity.

It's a well known fact that Sicilians love their homeland and we make no exception to the rule. We love Sicily and Trapani, city among two seas, land of fishermen, salt reserves, coral artisans. Trapani, overlooked by the medieval village of Erice and looking towards the peacefulness of crystal clear waters of Favignana and the other Egadi Islands. The surroundings offer a multitude of charming insights into archaeological delights: Mozia (Motya), city founded in C8 B.C by the Phoenicians; Segesta, ancient city of Elimi, an exceptional multi-tiered site where is one of the best conserved temples of the Magna Grecia; a rival city to Segesta was Selinunte, Greek colony founded in C7 B.C. . And then Marsala, historical site renowned for its wines and Garibaldi's landing; Mazara del Vallo and its Satiro. Natural treasures are not less appealing, like the white sands of San Vito Lo Capo and its untouched Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro, the wild beauty of the island of Pantelleria, with its black volcanic rocks, natural hot springs and saunas.

In 2004 we started the renovation works at our C19 family house to adapt it as a Bed and Breakfast, a place where you can get hospitality. Hospitality, in fact, is part of the house's essence, as well as its terrace and garden. Then, in September 2005, the Bed and Breakfast Novecento opened the doors to its guests.

What does sustainable Bed and Breakfast mean?

It means respecting the principles of sustainable tourism and, in general, of sustainable development. It means to acknowledge that tourism is ambivalent, since it can contribute positively to socio- economic and cultural achievement, while at the same time it can contribute to the degradation of the environment and the loss of local identity. It means awareness of the worth of our natural and cultural heritage and, in consequence, acting for its conservation, protection and appreciation.

Here at Novecento Bed and Breakfast we pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy respect for our environment. We have bicycles on hand for you to explore, to really know the place you are in, obviously free of charge. We make our best to minimize the impact on the environment of our Bed and Breakfast, avoiding waste of water and electricity. We decided not to have air conditioning in our rooms, because we think that ceiling mounted fans, shadow and sea breeze, always present in the city, are enough. We acknowledge the importance of local economy, culture and traditions and, in our Bed and Breakfast, we use local products to serve breakfast.

We love animals too and are particularly fond of dogs. We think it's nice to extend hospitality to your four-legged friend, so we invested in individual open-air roofed boxes for dogs of every size.

Novecento - a sustainable Bed and Breakfast in Trapani

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